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Mom to be kit (Pregnancy journal set)

You get a -Pregnancy journal- moments milestone cards set-weekly baby size cards set-baby bump stickers -bookmarkOur A5 journal consists of:* Pages from week 4-40, writing about the changes, cravings, what you feel, etc* Trimester updates*Photo pages every month for baby bump updates *Sunnahs of pregnancy pages * Names for the baby*Letter for your baby*...


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You get a 
-Pregnancy journal
- moments milestone cards set
-weekly baby size cards set
-baby bump stickers 
Our A5 journal consists of:
* Pages from week 4-40, writing about the changes, cravings, what you feel, etc
* Trimester updates
*Photo pages every month for baby bump updates 
*Sunnahs of pregnancy pages 
* Names for the baby
*Letter for your baby
* Memorable milestone moments ( dates when you felt your first kick, first ultrasound, baby shower, etc )
* Shopping list with check boxes
* And so much more 
Not only will documenting this time allow you to capture fleeting observations about pregnancy, it can make for a happier, healthier journey. Preparing for motherhood is often an emotional roller coaster, but expressing your feelings can ease stress, and in turn boost your physical resilience and immunity.
Wondering how to use the milestone cards and weekly baby size cards?
Hold up the week card and click a picture of your growing tummy and capture the moment forever
or hold up the milestone card saying today is my baby shower and capture a picture.
Cherish these pictures or put them up in your pregnancy journal to save them forever.

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