Covid 19 Policy

Salaams all,

We are living in times of huge Pandemic . And like all of our customer family ,even our team is anxious about the same. But be rest assured we at The Islamic kidstore are undertaking all hygienic practices  right from Import of Stock, To Packaging of items and shipping it out to you . Some of these measures include Isolation of Newly arrived stock for minimum 10 days before we unpack them, Disinfecting the new  stock within or keeping it in sunlight as applicable, Washing hands and using Gloves while Packing, Minimising Contact by using Disposable Cartons for Storage and handing over to Delivery Company.

We have also collaborated with reputable Courier Companies who have assured us in writing that Complete Safety Standards are being implemented during shipping to customers . But yet we recommend all customers to Discard Outer Packaging by wearing Gloves or wash hands immediately after it. We understand that  Our Zealous Islamic kidstore young fans ( Children)  are excited to open the Package and hold the Products in hand but kindly do not allow them to do so until you have properly unpacked the item and discarded packaging. Alhamdulillah the Products you ordered within are absolutely safe but yet as additional precautions you can leave it unatteneded for atleast 24 hrs or more whether in sunlight or otherwise  before you hand it over to the kids. . DONT WORRY YOUR PARCEL IS IN SAFE HANDS ...BI'IDHNILLAH