An interview with well known Dietician Huda Sheikh on Diet and nutrition for a healthy Ramadan

Assalam alai kum,

Ramadan is coming near and much of the food planning has started. I know some of my friends who make around hundreds of  samosas ,kababs and stock in freezer. Other family members are just waiting to feast on the delicacies of Ramadan. But wait a minute ,Ramdan is a month of fasting and not of feasting. Much of the MUslim world focusses on HARAM and HALAL. Yes,they are important but in   Quran and several HAdith also insist on eating food healthy ,good and pure.

To create awareness on this topic Alhamdulillah at The Islamickidstore we had a live chat session  with Huda Sheikh,a wonderful dietician,nutritionist ,entrepreneur. Though internet played a spoiltsport and this resulted in poor video quality and disturbances . But it was compensated with invaluable tips and recipes to have a healthy Ramadan which Huda shared.We also discussed on practical Islamic health perspective including recipe for preparation of Sunnah TAlbina recipe.

Though I knew of some health benefits of fasting but we touched on some amazing role like in GAstrointestinal detox,skin,minor cancers,allergies and much more.We also discussed on diet for kids during Ramadan as well as some healthy recipes for those who cannot eat suhoor. So InshaAllah  do watch ahead ,but remember listening is not enough IMPLEMENTATION is the KEY.