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21 days PCOS2Pregnancy Ramadan program

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(21 days PCOS2Pregnancy Ramadan program by Dr. Tehsin Malik is formulated to detoxify our bodies physically and spiritually, balance your hormones and increase your chances of conception Naturally! ( FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS  KINDLY PAY 5.99 USD ON THIS  LINK-> HERE .  ALSO REMEMBER TO ADD TO CART ON OUR WEBSITE SO WE CAN EMAIL IT TO YOU )

If you are looking for natural approach to

  • To get baby ready and prepare your body to Conceive Healthy
  • To overcome conditions like PCOS, Ovarian Cyst and other Infertility ISSUES.
  • To reduce the risks of miscarriage by strengthening uterus and other reproductive organs
  • To  improve egg health and improve ovulation
  • To Prepare for IVF
  • To make your body environment Alkaline that will be favorable pH for conception
  • To lose weight while suffering from Hypothyroidism, Insulin resistance, Infertility and other hormonal imbalances

Start with 21 days PCOS2Pregnancy Ramadan  Program

This program deals with physical and spiritual aspects of cleansing and boosting your reproductive health naturally.

A comprehensive diet and lifestyIe plan for balancing hormones, healthy conception and healthy pregnancy, Insha'Allah.




This 21 days PCOS2Pregnancy Ramadan program consists of

  • A  21-day fertility detox plan with specific diet routine
  • A specific shopping list
  • Clear recommendations of Fertility Herbal supplements, Superfoods and Sunnah foods
  • Shopping list to procure supplements easily
  • Tasty and healthy Ramadan recipes that include fertility smoothies, soups and salads, main course and much more…
  • Guidance on Fertility Therapies and Fertility workout
  • FREE Ramadan Fertility Planner and tracker to plan plus track your Detox progress.
  • 'Fertility Duaa’s’ from Qur’an included in planner with reference!

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