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Ramadan & Dhul Hijjah DIY kit

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Ramadan & Dhul Hijjah DIY kit is a digital product consisting various tools to spend our Ramadan productively, learning new things, gaining Islamic knowledge in a new unique way.

It also helps in sharing the knowledge with others through the modern way to gain rewards and having sadaqah jaaria for one self which will help us in our hereafter

Contents include Gift tags for suhoor, iftaar, blank tags for personalized gift tags which can be used for different purposes, the tags are in watercolor, ascetic designs along with some light colours.
◾Reflection cards for each Ashra of Ramadan
▪Laylatul Qadr, Ramadan and Dhul Hijjah Plan Chart.
◾Charity & zakah list.
◾Iftaar party invites.
◾Instructions to follow list in the iftaar party.
◾Art prints.
◾Eid dinner invites.
◾Dhul Hijjah takbeer print.
◾Dhul Hijjah Reflection Cards.
◾Odd nights reflection cards..

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