How to have a Productive Ramadan

Apr 29 , 2021

How to have a Productive Ramadan

How to have a Productive Ramadan


How to Be more productive during this Ramadan is what I always think every year when this auspicious month is arriving, I am sure even you all would have thought and kept a target for yourself on everything

Ramadan is the most awaited month for us, It’s a month of worship, prayers and supplications, so how can we remain productive and patient despite numerous distractions?

So here are Few tips that will help you stay on track for your Ramadan Goals and improve productivity during this blessed month.

  1. Muslimah Journal 360 degree

Now you would say I am promoting our product here, but trust me this was made for a purpose so that we can make our life easy and especially during Ramadan it’s the best to put in use.

Muslimah 360 is a Comprehensive tool that helps covers all the major aspects of your life. It includes a Planner, Tracker, Journal. The Planner helps in organizing your life and achieving your goals. Tracker helps you monitor your progress, especially in deen based activities thus making you more productive. Journal helps you to relieve your stress and makes you more self-aware.  All of them together help in evolving a better you. 

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  1. Make Most of your time

I remember during my working days (Years before being a Stay at Home Mom) I use to complain and regret that I could not invest most of my time in Ibaadat and Dhikr and found myself always in guilt.

Due to implementation of Lockdown there has been restrictions in moving out and many people are working from home, so why stressing over It ??? just make the most of this time.  

Keep a target for yourself on completing Quran after every Namaz, Make Preparations of Iftaar meals well before time so at least the whole family can sit together and do Dhikr before Iftaar. Also if you are missing your Iftaar parties at home, you make use of our technology and have Virtual Iftaar parties Via Video Conferencing, this will help in building our Family bond stronger.


  1. Detoxify Toxic


What’s for Iftaar???? Are we cooking Potato Fritters, Samosa, Gulab Jamun and on and on…? This is what we hear from every household, and for most of them the main focus in only FOOD. Ramadan, while our favourite time of year is not only to Detoxify our soul but also our body. It’s very important that along with nurturing our soul with Quran, Prayers,& Dhikr , we should also nurture our body with indulging into healthy food  and this is especially for us women coz this impacts us and leads to hormonal imbalance.

 For further assistance, you can also follow our program of 21 day Ramadan Detox Guide with Ramadan Planner for Fertility, PCOS and Hormonal Balance. This Program is actually A powerful and inspiring, smart Ramadan Detox guide designed to take you on a step-by-step through your Fertility/Hormonal Balance/PCOS journey to help you achieve your health Holistically, create your 21-day action plan, and have a life-changing Ramadan, by Dr. Tehsin Malik.
It's more than just a guide and a planner.
It inspires to detox your Body, mind and soul and Insha’Allah create a balance state of body with balanced hormones and improved Fertility outcomes.

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  1. Remember Less Fortunate

Zakaat, this is our third pillar of Islam. Zakaat, therefore, is a duty enjoined by God in the interest of the society as a whole. While on one hand these charitable contributions provide for the needs for the society, on the other hand, the act of giving in the name of God, purifies the heart of the contributor from selfishness and greed. Hence however less fortunate you may be, you can still find others less fortunate and more in need than you. This will help us increase our patience and thanksgiving. With such Mind-set one is forced to work harder and offer more in terms of charity and generosity.


  1. Make it Fun for Kids

                Here I would like to share an incident which had occurred few days back with me, it was my neighbour’s daughter’s birthday and they had decorated their house with balloons, buntings and lights , Looking at that my daughter who is 4 years old  immediately asked me what was happening there , I told her it’s her birthday hence they have decorated their house . She counter attacked back at me “ Why don’t we celebrate her birthday like that ?” , in return I told her “ We just don’t celebrate one day, indeed we celebrate A whole month.“

                Making Ramadan exciting for kids is real big challenge, Children need not only told about the importance of Ramadan indeed make it feel and see the importance.

                When a Child connects with the Celebration of Ramadan and Eid on a deeper level, it strengthens their Cultural Identity. It increases their Self of belonging towards our Deen.

                There are many videos on YouTube with regards to DIY’s for Ramadan and Eid Décor, activities, etc.

                Also to make your life easy we have also come up with Ramadan Journal for kids which contains fulfilled, mind-racking activities on a range of topics including Salaah, Sahaba, Prophets, Allah, Ramadan etc. There are craft activities, daily Duaas, daily Good Deeds, Nasheed, story, Journaling pages, tracker, and much more. Click on the below link to get your copies


  1. Do a Self-Evaluation

At the End of each day and week in Ramadan review your level of productivity. Did you get done with what you intend to?

If not what got in your way? Not being able to say NO? Too many distractions? Was it your own feelings or emotions?

What could I have done to avoid the Distractions? How can I make my Tomorrow better and different?


In Conclusion, would say instead of panicking and stressing about Ramadan, it’s important to embrace with all great things. I know it would be difficult to follow the strategies as in whole, but even if you adopt one, it would enhance your Well Being.

So Just Smile and renew your intentions and Be Sure that This and Every coming Ramadan would be your BEST!!!!


 (Written by Anfa Aziz, Regional head west,The Islamic kidstore)