Wanna teach your kids the true essence of Surah Fatihah

Aug 29 , 2018

Wanna teach your kids the true essence of Surah Fatihah

 Salaams! Do you want to teach your kids Surah Fatiha with meaning. Why not try these flash cards. They can be coupled in form of games to make it more fun and easy to learn for your kids. Vocabulary learning is made fun and exciting by picture-word association. The exercise cards shall help to reinforce concepts behind every ayah. It contains a pack of 38 cards. Isnt it amazing!1Check it out at an introductory price of Rs 550 valid only for few days.
Gift your kids today at https://www.theislamickidstore.com/products/surah-fatiha-flash-cards


  • 29 Aug 2018 Farana Rahman

    Hi Aaliyah, I saw these flash cards. these are amazing. Educational toys are the best ways to instill the faith about Allah in your children. I also discovered some good quality Islamic dolls and Dua pillow which is very good toys for the educational purpose as well as playtime. you can check our site.

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