Apr 07 , 2020

Top 10 Islamic websites for kids



Yeah many people have been enquiring about resources to keep their children occupied with some Islamic activities or courses during this lockout . Here are our top 10  picks. Alhamdulillah currently most of them are FREE.  So take advantage of this .  Hopefully, Inshaa Allah, they shall benefit your kids. 

1) Build Your Jannah by Sh.  Sajid Umar
Build your Jannah for the Young Learners (5 - 12 years) by Sh. Sajid Umar. Check out the YouTube channel for further details

2) They have a program which aims to achieve transformation in your kids. Their resources are phenomenal


3) Teen Talk (ages 11 - 16)

📌 Every day
📌 Time: 3pm - 4pm (one hour)
Starts  Thursday, April 2
(expected to fill up FAST)
(( Last MAS program had 2500 attendees))

The most POWERFULL aspect of this program, is that MAS talents and resources from ALL OVER the US will be participating, illustrating the power of being one big FAMILY!


4) Tajweed, Tafsir and StoryTime for 5 - 17 year olds (age is no limit, anyone can join n enjoy learning)


5) A Year with The Prophet PBUH for 7+ , check site for a free sample:

6) Muslim Comics


7) The aim of this homeschooling web site is to share quick download links to all of Sr.  Iman's free educational resources.


8) This youtube playlist contains animated versions of Surahs of Juz Amma.


9) ILM education has a lot of free printables


10) Ruqaya's Bookshelf :
The authors have been reading their wonderful and wholesome stories on their Instagram channel. You can tune in here




  • 07 Apr 2020 ♡آرفانة بنت أنيس

    Cute Islamic girl child looking like a twinke ..masha allah ….
    All our Muslim and non-Muslim sisters get wonderfull child 🥰
    May allah bless …….

  • 07 Apr 2020 Umme salma

    Thank u very much to share this information .God blesd u

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