The impact of social media on Muslim society

Dec 09 , 2022

The impact of social media on Muslim society

Love it, hate it, but you can’t ignore it! Well, that is the power of social media. It has a mix of content suitable and relatable to individuals of all ages, gender, and community. Everyone is in one way, or another, affected by it. Muslim society is no exception to the growing popularity of various social media and is affected by it.

Like everything in this world, even social media has two sides – a positive and a negative. There are n number of individuals in the Muslim community who talk about the negative aspects of social media. But today let us focus on the positive impact of social media on Muslim society.

  1. Easy Communication: It is a great feature, for our academic and professional growth we tend to travel and live in different countries across the globe and the distance can create havoc and increase the distance between two individuals both physically and emotionally. Online communication ensures that physical distance does not play a role in hearts going afar.
  2. Socialization made easy: Thanks to social media, the world is a small place. We can communicate and follow up with our fellow Muslims living in different countries! Socialization on social media helps us realize and appreciate the incredible diversity of the Muslim Ummah.
  3. Spread Islam: Have you come across Quran verses or hadith on social media? It is a great way to spread Islam and the teachings of Allah to Non-Muslim society. It shows the larger audience that there is more to Islam than the holy month of Ramzan!
  4. Help people: Islam propagates helping each other and being there for your loved ones and strangers during difficulties. With the help of social media like Instagram, Twitter, Meta, or even professional websites like LinkedIn you can make your voice reach lakhs and crores of people. This allows people belonging to different regions and communities to understand the requirement not just in Muslim society but even in other communities.

Apart from all the above benefits or advantages, social media also portrays and displays the various religious beliefs and faiths of Muslim society. It spreads the traditions, history, and even special Muslim cuisine from different countries. It promotes and makes people aware of the pilgrimage of Hajj and its importance in Islam. As mentioned previously it also helps spread the word and world of Allah and safeguard Islam from naysayers.

If you are a parent who thinks your child might be spoiled because of exposure to social media, think again! Overuse of social media can ruin an individual's physical and mental health. But controlled and measured exposure to social media is healthy for every individual.

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( The above article is written by The IKS team Social Media manager Shifa Bhimani.She is the founder of The Social Circle . ( They specialise in Digital Marketing, Social Media marketing, SEO, SEM, Online research, Advertising,Email marketing etc)

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