Resources PPT list of Salahbration

Jul 03 , 2021

Resources PPT list of Salahbration

Assalam alai kum ,

Jazakallah khayr for the amazing reponse for The Salahbration Event .

For those who did not know it was an event to Celebrate the gift of Salah in our lives. Yess...SALAHBRATION. Speakers included Br Ismail Kamdar from South Africa( Yaqeen Institute ), Sis Alima Ashfaq from UK (IOU, ILMSPIRE) , Br Zaid Patel from India ( President IIC, FOunder Iplus TV), Sis Ishraaq Hassan from India ( Founder & CEO of Elana Muslimah) , Sis Juw Sedeke from Canada ( Founder Arabically ), Sis Yasmeen Basheer Manna from UAE ( Author, Social Media Influencer) , Aaliyah Khan ( CEO, The Islamic kidstore)

1)For those who missed the event you can still view it on our Youtube Channel here Click here for Youtube Link

2) For those who would like to read its reviews can click here 

3) The PPT ,resources are here on the link :

 Click for link to PPT

4) Here is some information and links about Speakers

A) Aaliyah Khan ( CEO, The Islamic kidstore)


SHe is the owner of The Islamic kidstore . Its India's first onlineIslamic store for kids. She has recently won The Business Icon of India award and was the finalist in Best Entrepreneur category at SIB awards,UK.

B) Ishraaq Hassan. ( CEO, Elena Muslimah) (

Elena Muslimah is headed by  Ishraaq Hassan, who bases her mission of spreading knowledge in a way that is accessible, far-reaching to both reverts and muslims in seeking Allah in a work ethic guided by kindness, one that is gentle and motivating and that strives to her best for the authenticity in regards to the rulings and teaching. 

C) Yasmeen Basheer Manna  ( Blogger,Youtuber)  


Yasmeen Basheer Manna is a dynamic mom, a food blogger, artist, youtuber, quiz master on various platforms including the IKS club , founder of "Friends in Islam", and recently turned author of one of a kind book "Home economics and personality development for little mumin".
She stresses on learning through fun activities by exploring interesting resources and online tools that make a long lasting impact in our minds.

D) Zaid Patel ( President, IIC)


Brother Zaid Patel is the President of Islamic Information Center(IIC) as well as the  Founder/ MD  of iPlus TV. He has been a distinguished Islamic Orator since 1994 and has given Islamic talks on more than 100 plus topics.

E) Juw Sedeke ( Founder, Arabically)


Juwaeriah Siddiqui is the founder of Arabically, a platform to inspire the love of the Arabic language among non-native Arabic speaking families around the globe. Through Arabically, we believe in creating a bilingual mindset through motivational sessions, art and science infused Arabic projects and raising awareness of Arabic Children's literature.

Siddiqui is also a researcher in Applied Linguistics and studies the motivation of non native Arabic speaking children in the Middle East. She aims to improve second language techniques to better support Arabic learners in the region.

F) Alima Ashfaq (Author, Speaker)


Alima Ashfaq is a teacher by profession, a member of the Diplomas Department at the Islamic Online University and a tutor for Ilmspire. She is also the Founder of and Women of Ilm, two organisations aimed at helping women find purpose and spirituality.

And she is also the author of the best selling book " Dua's Of Superstars"

G) Ismail Kamdar ( Author,Research Manager)

Ismail Kamdar graduated from the ʿĀlimiyyah program in 2006 and completed a BA in Islamic Studies at International Open University in 2014. Specializes in the fields of Fiqh, Tafsir, and History. The author of over a dozen books in the fields of Islamic Studies and Personal Development. He is the founder of Islamic Self Help, and the research manager at Yaqeen Institute.

H)  Stephanie Fomm (Home Educator,Leader Al Barakah playgroup ,Leeds,UK)

Stefanie Fromm is a passionate home educator and leader of the Barakah Playgroup at Leeds Grand Mosque, Leeds, UK. As a revert sister and constant seeker of knowledge she feels blessed to have been able to share her insights with those around her. She has been the initiator and leader as well as co-leader of various Islamic children's educational and holiday play schemes in collaboration with the mosque, (including setting up a vegetable garden at the mosque, treasure hunts, a mini-Hajj journey event, building Little Leeds - a cardboard city, as well as den building, foraging and survival skills workshops)




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