May 02 , 2020


Salaams all! We have many groups for Muslim kids but they are mainly meant for their parents. SO here we have this Club of the KIDS, for the KIDS , by the KIDS. We shall Cover topics like Quran Tafseer for kids and alternate topics like Belief in Allah , Five pillars, Personality development, Islamic Manners etc. One Reflective Worksheet shall be sent every week.  Monthly Contests shall be held and winners shall receive Prizes.  It will be an interactive and safe platform where the kids will be able to exhibit their talent as well as gain beneficial guidance. As most of the time as Moms, we are the ones who are just imparting them knowledge. Here they shall interact and learn from their own peers. There are separate clubs for boys and Girls
Kindly use your Moms WhatsApp number to login. Only Admins can post. Only 1 post a week.

So what are you waiting for as we have limited members
1) For boys aged 7-14 years Click here
2) For girls aged 7- 14 years Click here

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