How to Inculcate the Love of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in kids

Nov 11 , 2019

How to Inculcate the Love of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in kids


 ( The below blog is written by Sr. Fareha Khan. She is the co-founder and Logistic head of The Islamic kidstore. At home she is the blessed mother of amazing twins. Here she shares her experience and also outlines some guidelines for Inculcating Love of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Children)


We usually have lots of expectations from our children. We expect them to be the most perfect human beings, sometimes more than we are, but we forget one thing in this quest that we are the ones whom they are watching and so our conduct should be best. Having kids ( I am a mother of twins ) has definitely Alhumdulillah made me a better person than before coz anything that I preach them I first try to develop myself. So I believe that to inculcate the love of our beloved Prophet(Peace be Upon Him) in our kids we need to have that strong love in our hearts. As we are born Muslim we many a time take our Deen for granted and assume that we love the Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) but to really reignite the passive love of our hearts I suggest please go on for reading Seerah books. Mothers can start by reading the “The Sealed Necter” by Safiur Rehman Mubarakpuri and older kids can avail of the beautiful collection of books available on the website But what about the Younger Kids as I have 4-year-old toddler I will share some of my efforts in inculcating love of Prophet(Peace be Upon Him) in their innocent hearts.

  • Reading Books: This is a habit that is neglected by most of us now (thanks to Mobiles). I started off with “Quran stories for toddlers” (Its an amazing book for toddlers) to tell them about other Prophets and for Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) I referred to books like “A Visit to Medina” and “Prophet Muhammed Stories for Children”. Also, the story of the Spider’s Web mentioned in Surah Ankabut was instantly loved by them and thus they started getting acquainted with our beloved Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).
  • Quran and Masnoon Duas: When I started teaching them Duas I told them how these Duas are taught to us to protect us from evil Shaitaan and they were taught by none other than Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) to keep us safe. Small things like remembering to say “AAUZU-BILLAH” when angry develop their faith and love in the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as they innocently follow it. It's very satisfying to see them saying “AAUZU-BILLAH” when they get really angry and then say “ Look Mamma Shaitaan is gone and now we are happy and not angry”. This subconsciously affirms their faith in this Dua.

Surah Kausar is one of the earliest Surah I taught them. The beautiful description of the Kausar River and how the Ummah will get to drink from HAUZE KAUSAR really excites them.

  • Nasheed: My Daughter loves songs so I usually play Nasheed’s at home and her current favorite is “ Mohammed Alaihis Salaam” by Dawood Wharnsby Ali. My kids are very inquisitive as is normal for kids at their age so when they heard the line in the Nasheed which mentions the Prophet (PBUH) crying for the Ummah they asked me the meaning of Ummah and I replied “ You know the Prophet (PBUH) was making Duas for Ummah i.e Yusuf, Mahreen (My Kids Name) Mamma, Papa, Dada, Dadi… and continued the list ending with all the people who love Allah and his Rasool (PBUH). They instantly felt good about this Prophet (PBUH) who was making Duas for them and just said we love our Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Alhamdulillah.
  • Duas: One of the most important things to instill love is to make lots of Duas for your kids starting right from the Pregnancy. There is an incident that when Abdullah Ibn Masood Companion of Prophet (PBUH) would wake up at night to pray and would see his  little son asleep he would say “ Min Ajrika Bunaiyya”(Oh My Son this is for your future) and cry and say “Wa Kana Abu Huma Salihan” (Surah 18:82) meaning “his father was a righteous man”. This verse would motivate him to be pious for his son. Make lots of Duas for your Children's Akhirah and give Sadaqah if not by money then by at least your good deeds.
  • Patience: Lastly patience and perseverance are most important. The one area that Shaitaan attacks the parents most is patience. Our Prophet (PBUH) was very gentle and patient with kids. There are many instances of Prophet (PBUH) relationship with Hazrat Hassan and Hussain (his grandsons) that clearly depicts his love for kids.

Be consistent in your efforts and never give up, never let any opportunity go away of inculcating the love of Allah and his Rasool (PBUH) in these young hearts, be it a walk to the park or to the school or just a short talk before bed. Inshallah, efforts will show fruits one-day Aameen.


  • 11 Nov 2019 Umme Khuzaima

    Asalam o Alaikum
    Can you please guide me how to know/get origin of Duas. As my son know almost all daily life dua’s but I dont know the origin( I wants to introduce him with Hazrat Muhammad ( S.A.W)

  • 11 Nov 2019 Farzana Rahman

    Nice Post! The Prophet Muhammad embodied every beautiful virtue in the most beautiful way. His life is full of stories that teach Muslim kids humility and other key Islamic values.

  • 11 Nov 2019 Farzana Rahman

    Mashallah! These tips will definitely inculcate the love of the prophet Muhammad in kids. There are some Islamic books which will help you to instill the love about prophet available at Desidoll. You can find them on this link:

  • 11 Nov 2019 Dr Shazia Khan

    Excellent article……..very nice practical tips which will help us in inculcating love for our prophet in our children……JazakAllah khair

  • 11 Nov 2019 Anfa

    Masha Allah… Well said sis so beautifully explained

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