Home Economics and its Importance for Children

Jun 15 , 2022

Home Economics and its Importance for Children

Home Economics was a part of syllabbus of several schools in UK,USA and other parts of the world. But it was scrapped in recent years due to a myth that its focus is to let women become GOOD HOUSEWIVES. This assumption is completely baseless. Its a subject essential for both boys and girls . It is important for building CRUCIAL LIFE SKILLS  such as managing checking accounts, cooking, basic finance and sewing. Home economics not only builds important life skills but it also builds RESPONSIBILITY AND INDEPENDENCE.

The IKS realised its importance for the Muslim Ummah and the need imbibe Islamic values as a way of life and not just restricted to worship times. Hence this book was launched  written by Sr Yasmeen Basheer Manna ( a passionate cook, food blogger, artist, YouTuber and a dynamic mom). This book follows the journey of fatima and Ibraheem in their learning journey exploring 65 new words ,35 fun activities,reward pins,reminders and much more . 

Doing daily activities like eating,sleeping ,cleaning,organising,body language,caring etc in the light of Islam will give our children a sense of achievement and responsibility at this tender age which will kickstart their holistic approach toward Islamic way of life which of course was the manner of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

May Allah SWT accept our efforts and forgive our shortcomings. 

To view a video on this book and home economics topic click here https://youtu.be/_bGUKZK9HYU

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