Good Deed Of The Day : Performing Salah On Time

Jul 12 , 2021

Good Deed Of The Day : Performing Salah On Time

Good Deed Of The Day : Performing Salah On Time


Allah has created time and has made some times, some months and days better than others, when rewards are multiplied as a mercy towards his slave. This encourages Muslim to renew their efforts to gain a greater share of reward and make up for any shortcoming in their Ibadah.

Among the special season of worship are the first ten days of Dhul-Hajj.The rewards of any good deeds in these days is multiplied several times by Allah.However unlike Ramadan we often dont take advantage of them by doing night prayers or reading Quran .

Ibn Abbas (RA) reported that Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) said “ There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these 10 days of Dhul-Hajj. The companion said “Not even striving for the sake of Allah”. Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) said “ Not even striving for the sake of Allah unless a man goes out himself taking all his wealth with him and comes back with nothing”.

So what must one do to make the most of these days. To begin with the first and foremost is our obligatory Salah. We have heard many lectures and talks about Salah but as an Ummah are still struggling to perfect it.

The Messenger (SAWS) said “ Allah the exalted has said the most beloved thing with which my slave will come nearer to me is what I have enjoined upon him” (Sahih Bukhari). Since ages, our Prophets have made Duas and stressed on the importance of Salah.

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)  makes this beautiful dua about establishment of salah which says “ Oh my Lord, Make me one who performs As-Salat (Iqamat-As-Salat) and also from my offspring. Our lord and accept my invocation” ( 14:40).

All the commandments were brought from Allah by Jibrael (AS) to Prophet Mohammed(SAWS) on the earth but one commandment for which our beloved Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) was raised to the sky was that of Salah on the night of Miraj where 5 times prayer were made obligatory.

The Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) said “The first thing that will be inquired, that you will be held to account for on the day of judgement is your Salah”.

In another Hadith the Prophet Mohammed (SAWS) said “ A person that misses the Asr prayer intentionally is as if they lost their family and all their wealth”. Finally in Surah 74 Ayat 42-43 it says the people of Paradise will ask the people of Hell “ What has caused you to enter hell” and they will say “we were not of those who used to offer the Salah”.

How can we after reading this miss another Salah again ?

Salah also had to be prayed in the middle of battlefield so what is our excuse not to pray.

So let us make a commitment in these 10 days to pray obligatory salah on time.

If we are already doing so then take extra efforts for Sunnah and Nawafil too and lets strive  to perfect our salah with complete khushu and on their stated times..

These 10 days will pass off quickly.Also the Shaitan like Ramadan is not chained in these 10 the goal becomes more difficult.So let’s be vigilant and try to do as many good deeds as we can.

May Allah help us make the most of these ten days and accept our efforts.

Aameen .

( Written by Fareha Khan,Co-Founder,The Islamic kidstore)



  • 12 Jul 2021 Kausarbegum

    Hope you all are well Alhamdulillah !
    Khushu, khuzu in salah , unlimited good deeds , quran recitation, Tahajjud and much more for gaining Almighty Allah’s Qurb…
    May Allah make us near to him include all of us in his loved ones
    Illahi Ameen 🤲

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