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There is a lot of news circulating around Covid 19. Its nice to be aware but there are people who are just spending their time forwarding every news they receive about COVID 19. This is creating unnecessary Panic. Kindly understand not every person who receives your message can process it the way you can. There are elderly,  patients with anxiety, heart disease, blood pressure etc. Also there are some people on the other hand who are considering this quarantine period as a vacation. Hence spending the time watching movies,throwing silly challenges or spending whole day cooking elaborate meals.

Rather than spending our time on this. Let's MAKE THIS QUARANTINE A PRODUCTIVE TIME. Let's start Quran lessons at home. Else start reading Bukhari. There are Islamic traditions that whenever there would be a calamity people would spend their time reading hadith from Bukhari as this would increase their love for Allah and Prophet Muhammad and increase their tawakkul as well as provide patience.

Here I have enlisted some online courses where one can enroll. Though we are at home with kids and without maids ,we still have sufficient time to learn something new. For me its ideally early morning after Fajr else when I put the kids to sleep. Considering its holidays they take some time to sleep. I utilise this time for gaining more knowledge.Have the intention and Allah shall make it easy for you.  

If you would like to add more. Plss add in comment below. And gain the reward too. 





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  • Informative list for more interesting list visit Javeria Quran Academy

    Javeria on
  • Thanku for the list.. Been lookin for.. May Allah give u abundance

    Roshni on

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