Islamic home schooling for kids

Feb 27 , 2014

Islamic home schooling for kids

Asak every1,

Well today I would like to discuss about the Goodword Islamicstudies textbook which is ideal for educating about Islam to your kids at home. It comes for children of different age groups and we have range from primer to grade 4. We will also bring in higher ranges soon inshaallah. These books are designed so as to impart islamic values in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

Inshallah these books will increase your childs knowledge in Islam and will make it easy for you to make him learn as per his age. I have started the same for my 4 year old son ,hope it benefits you too inshaallah. Aameen



Aaliyah Khan

(The islamickidstore family)




  • 27 Feb 2014 Ansa Zeb

    Asslaam o Alaikum
    Do you deliver in Pakistan also if yes then what will be delivery charges?

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