10 Ramadan activities for kids

Jun 14 , 2016

10 Ramadan activities for kids

Alhamdulillah we have almost completed a week of Ramadan. Hope we have tried to benefit the most out of it In shaa Allah.

There are many mothers who have not been able to gain benefit from this mainly because of their struggling with kids. Most of their children have holidays or have just started school and they find it difficult to engage them.

So compiling to you Ten Ramadan activities for children. 

1) Decorations: Make some Ramadan and Eid Mubarak decorations with kids. If you are not able to make decorations you can buy our Eid Mubarak balloons and Eid buntings at http://www.theislamickidstore.com/collections/ramadan-and-eid-collection

2) Reward box: It contains 30 good deeds for 30 days of Ramadan. Encourage them to do one good deed everyday as every good deed is multiplied into several blessings every day. Daily reward them with stickers and at the end of Ramadan give them a gift. 

3) Sadaqah Jar: Make a Sadaqah jar at home. Encourage your kids to add something in it daily and every Friday give that money in Masjid. 

4) Islamic activity books: Engage your children in Islamic activities which will help them learn about Islam and keep them occupied in a beneficial way.

We have an exclusive collection for activity books at  http://www.theislamickidstore.com/collections/learning-activity-books?page=1.

Also at http://www.theislamickidstore.com/collections/ramadan-and-eid-collection/products/my-ramadhan-activity-book-siddiqa-juma.  

Alternatively you can also download a free Ramadan workbook at http://amuslimchildgrowsup.blogspot.ae/2015/06/alhamdulillaah-ramadan-2015-activity.html

5) Salah and Fast tracker or charts or stickers : These charts and trackers encourage your child to perform Salah and observe fasts. Muslim award sticker and prayer practice charts set is available at http://www.theislamickidstore.com/collections/miscellaneous

 6) Recite Stories : You can read them stories of prophets or Quran stories. These story books are available at http://www.theislamickidstore.com/collections/story-books.

 7) Sing along some Ramadan Nasheed with them: These Nasheeds are available for download on http://www.theislamickidstore.com/collections/digital-downloads

8) Islamic Games and toys: Many Islamic board games and toys are available which teach Islam in a fun manner to children . You could buy many of them online at  http://www.theislamickidstore.com/collections/games-toys .

9) Ramadan Quran activity : In this activity you pick up some words from Quran. List of these words are available for download with the verse mentioned in the Quran. These verses can be easily explained to children. You could also plan an activity with them .

 10) Gifts: Lastly make this Eid special by gifting your loved ones with some islamic gifts. They are available online at http://www.theislamickidstore.com/collections/miscellaneous.

Hope the above comprehensive list keeps your child Islamically engaged this Ramadan.

Remember me in your prayers .

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  • 14 Jun 2016 Desidoll

    Salaam! Thanks for sharing these tips on Ramadan activities. I was checking some tips for my children in this Ramadan and I found your blog post is very helpful.

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