Mar 31 , 2016

A must read for your teenage boy

Have you ever had questions about guiding your adolescent boy to lead an Islamic life as well as advise him on trials teenage boy faces  ? Well this is the perfect book for your boy  Inshallah.

Your boy  shall discover the  exciting world of growing Muslim teenager with this practical and easy to read guide.This book  gives brotherly advice on life in general from Islam and friends, school and home life through to the physical changes a boy will experience from the age of 11.

Recommended ages 10-15 yrs

The author Sami khan lives and works in oxford. He spends most of his days learnng and embracing the challenges of the muslim youth today.


This book is  priced at a very low price of Rs 280 considering its an internatonal book rarely available in India. A must book for your boy so as to face the challenges that todays world has brought for your child





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