Teaching about Dhul Hijjah, Hajj, Eid ul Adha to your kids

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Assalam alai kum ,

Alhamdulillah, we have all entered the first 10 days of blessed Dhul Hijjah. We have many articles being circulated about its importance and we are all racing to do our best of deeds in these days. May Allah accept it from us. But its also equally important to introduce our kids to its importance from a young age. Below are some of the ways you can do it.

1) Read books on Hajj and also make them solve some worksheets and activities. You can make your own Hajj book. Or you can pick up any of these books from our website. Tell me about Hajj , HAjj fun book ,  Zaahir and Jamel the camel at Hajj

The call to Hajj,The she camel

2) Stress on the importance of doing good deeds in this month. You can plan a good deed jar , good deed charts etc.

3) Plan some activities like building Kaabah, Hajj map.

4) Take them along to visit a friend or relative going to Hajj. Even after the HAjis arrive visit them along with your children and let them hear about the pilgrims' experiences.

5) Have some game devised or purchase one from our store at Hajj fun game

6) Teach your kids this Nasheed ' We will all go to Mecca on the Hajj.

7) Revive the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and read Takbeer aloud while driving, after salaah or any time the whole family is together. Allow your kids to take lead in reciting the same and whole family repeats it.

8) Explain the importance of Eid ul Adha, stories of Zamzam, Hajj rituals, Prophet Ismail sacrifice etc

9)  Take them along to Eid ul Adha prayers and for distribution of sacrifice to relatives and poor.

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