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Dhul Hijjah: Are we making the most of it?



Alhamdulillah we are almost half way  through days of Dhul Hijjah. All of my emails,whatsapp,facebook are flooded with  messages of the Dhul Hijjah,its importance.  This is because of the fact that Mashaallah Allah has blessed  me with the company of such righteous muslimahs who are a source of encouragement and inspiration for seeking Islamic knowledge . Alhamdulillah it’s the case with most of us. May Allah help us in seeking the authentic  and right Islamic knowledge ,acting upon it as well as spreading this information among others. Aameen

Though we all know Alhamdulillah about the importance of Dhul Hijjah and acts of worship done in it mainly ,TAkbeer and Dhikr  Salaah,Fasting ,Quran ,Duaa, Charity , Social Welfare , Sacrifice, Eid , Hajj etc

  • But here I would like to shed light on whether r we genuinely making the most of these blessed days about which even Prophet Muhammad SAWS has stated that "There are no deeds as excellent as those done in these ten days." They (the companions listening) said, "Not even Jihad?" He, peace be upon him, said,"No, not even Jihad except a man who goes forth endangering his life and wealth and does not return with anything."
  • Also we know the Deen was accomplished for us this month ie the last verse of Quran was revealed in this month Alhamdulillah .These are few of the many Ahadith quoting the importance of these days. So are we still procrastinating or  trying to just  visualise  within our mind about how we shall we shall do the ibaadah without any constructive action . Even if we are engaging in acts of worship does it have the khushu ,the right intentions or are our deeds just leaking out like water in a porous pot?

I would like to summarize a few points so that we Inshaallah make the most of the good deeds in this month Inshaallah

  • Firstly I have seen that many of us do not even know the Islamic months especially those living in non muslim countries. Its disappointing to see that even a 4 yr old in such countries knows the English calendar months by heart but his parents or even the grandparents are unaware of our Islamic calendar. Just give 10 minutes to it and Inshaallah you shall learn it and make your kids learn too.
  • |We all know the importance of reciting takbeer in these days. Make it a family routine to recite it with your family members after every Salaah or whenever the family gets together. Dhikr and takbeer pamphlets can be distributed which may serve as a reminder to others and you may also earn the sawaab for the same Inshaallah
  • In addition to obligatory Salaah indulge in other prayers as well namely Duha prayer, Tahajjud. Those who pray them regularly its very good but those who do not atleast pray them thse 10 days Inshaallah. Have khushu in your Salaah ,No minds wandering. If we are giving so much of the time to prayer why should we let it go waste. Prayer with concentration. Espeacially mothers with kids ,its some times happens with me too if we see our child indulging in something wrong while we perform salaah suddenly our takbeer gets louder or even aggressive to alert the child or others around. Children safety is essential so its always best to make your kids pray along with you or if they are younger indulge them in activities by which they are safe and you are not distracted Inshaallah.
  • As regards Quran there are some who even try to complete Quran in 10 days by dividing it accordingly beforehand. For those who cannot do that much atleast increase its recitation and tafseer.
  • As regards Fasting we are aware fasting on Arafat day is an expiation of sins of 2yrs   One can even fast all 10 days . Missed Ramadan fast can also be kept except on  Arafat day.
  • This is the season of Duaas so here I am reminded of Hadith quoted In Bukhari in which Prophet Muhammad SAWS said to Aisha  that let your Duaas be short but broad in meaning. She asked how could she do that and then he recited to her the following Duaa which Alhamdulillah we should all try to read after Salaah called “ O Allah I ask you of all goodness that which I know and that which I do not know and I seek refuge from all evil which is now and which shall be coming whether I know or I do not.  O Allah And I ask you Paradise and every statement or deed that shall draw me near it.I seek protection from hell fire and every statement or deed which shall draw me near it . I ask you of all goodness which prophet Muhammad SAWS asked you. I seek refuge in you from all evil of which Prophet Muhammad SAWS sought refuge from. Whatever you have decreed for me now let it end in goodness. Aameen.Try calling with such powerful duaas taught by Prophet Muhammad SAWS.
  • As regards Charity let it be solely for Allah without any riya or showoff Inshaallah..
  • As regards Sacrifice make it a point to explain to your children the background story of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail. We have actually forgotten the main aim behind this sacrifice. If you have thought deeper within this story this act of sacrifice was not only of the animal but it showcases the obedience of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail (PBUH). The sacrifice is celebration of that submission and that obedience to Allah . How can we achieve it if the animal has been purchased of income which is not halal? How can we derive any benefit from it if our we indulge in adultery,Telling lies , Hypocrisy, Injustice to mankind or any other major sins. We should first kill animal within us to derive the complete benefit out of it or else it does not make sense to kill 1,2 or 50 animals.
  • This is the best time for repentance . Though Shayatin are not locked in this month unlike Ramadan but ask Allah for protection from them and repent to Allah wholeheartedly Inshaallah
  • Hajj is one of the most important act of worship done . Its significance we are aware of , but one of the things I would like to point out about is anger which some pilgrims show during this period especially towards their own hajj travel organisers over petty matters like food or bed . Some even resort to foul language. Astaghfirullah . May Allah protect us from it . Aameen. As well as we should realise  It’s a pilgrimage place and not shopping destination or tourist spot.
  • Lastly about Eid as we all know that according to authentic narration Prophet Muhammad SAWS has commanded only 2 festival days for muslims which are the 2 eids but it is sad that other celebrations like celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and other duplicate enjoyments have taken over fun from eid . Eid has been left to just eid namaaz(In many countries only men go to eidgaah) and then eating and sleeping after that. We need to make it more enjoyable by decorating our home,conducting Islamic social events on these days as well .So that our kids also look forward to these days. Give gifts on these days. You can make them at home or visit eid collection page at


Inshaallah May Allah guide us all to perform our acts of worship in these days in right manner which is acceptable to him and which may become a means for forgiveness of our sins and a source of numerous blessings Inshaallah. Aameen.

If you found this information useful then do send in your comments Inshaallah or atleast  forward to your friends so that even if one implements it in his life it will become a sawaab for you Inshaallah . Aameen.

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