When Death arrives...Workshop Notes

Assalam Alai kum sisters,

Alhamdulillah was fortunate enough to attend a workshop on " When Death arrives " by an amazing speaker Sr. Rashida Petersen at Markaz al Huda, Twar., Dubai. It was a 3-day workshop and discussed Arrival of Death, Iddah, Condolences, what benefits the deceased, burial in Islam. On the 3rd day, we had a live demo of washing and shrouding the body as well as Salatul Janazah. The first thing which Sr. Rashida said in the demo was," Look, sisters, this is your final costume...No designer wear, expensive clothes just 2 pieces of white cloth." This session moved me to tears. Also, it was very informative ..just cleared so many misconceptions about Funeral rites especially washing of the body. In gulf countries Alhamdulillah the washing of the dead body, shrouding,salatul janazah are all done by experts who are aware of Sunnah way. But in other countries especially for the woman, it is done by a close relative who is most of the times not aware of Sunnah procedures related to it. I have uploaded the notes related to it on this link. Do visit and download it, READ it, SHARE it. Its very beneficial and informative Alhamdulillah. MAy Allah help us to implement these  Sunnah practices in our funeral and O Rabb guide our progeny and relatives so that our final ghusl, shrouding, burial be done the Sunnah way too and protect us from the punishment of the grave? Aameen Ya Rabb...

1) When Death arrives workshop ...Notes PArt 1 ( Arrival of death,Iddah)

2) When Death arrives workshop ...Notes PArt 2 ( Condolences,What benefits the deceased,visiting graves)

3) When Death arrives workshop...Notes Part 3 (Washing and shrouding,Salatul janaza,burial)