Tijaarah with Sawaab programme....InshaAllah

Are you a retailer, a housewife or someone who would like to earn halal income? The Islamickidstore has now introduced programmes with a dual benefit of earning you an extra income as well as a sawaab Inshaallah. By enrolling into the TAAJIR programmes by The Islamickidstore, InshaAllaah, you will be able to earn hasanaat by inculcating Islamic awareness and values in young minds and in the process, gain halal income. 

There are 2 programmes

1) Taajir programme A:  

   You just need to bring in orders from customers and you shall receive 5% of the total order amount excluding shipping charges.                                                                                            OR

2) Taajir programme B:   

You need to purchase products worth Rs 10000 or more and they shall be provided to you at a discounted price. You are then free to resell it within your store, community, family friends etc and also earn an extra income inshaAllah.

Mashallah, it's so simple. No other criterion or fee. Inshallah, it's far better than existing sales programmes wherein there is a fixed target to achieve or the investment is too high. Also, most of our huge collection of products are exclusively available in India at The Islamic Kid Store so you have nothing to lose InshaAllah. To join this programme or know more about this programme email us theislamickidstore@gmail.com. Alternatively, call us at +919594403684/+918080706155.