Nyreen: ( Regional Head Jammu and Kashmir):

I am a 26-year-old proud owner of “The Royal Wardrobe”- a retail shopping space that deals in dress material. I have been managing my business, home, and child quite gracefully. Green Valley educational institute alumni, and a mother of 3 yr old. A native of Kashmir, I handle the region of North. Ping me or WhatsApp me at +919797255175


Anfa : ( Regional Head West and North)
I am Currently based in Mumbai. Previously I have been working in a telecom sector for the last 8 years. And post my marriage and childbirth I have been a homemaker for the last 3 years. Alhumdulliah I have been blessed with a cute little angel.
My association with " The IslamickidStore " is with a purpose which is also the aim of the company that is to teach our young generation the correct way to follow Islam in a fun and playful manner. This would be a unique way of inculcating Islam not as a ' Ritual ' but ' A Way of Living'. The western region needs assistance call or WhatsApp at +919820007597


Vida: ( Regional Head East):

I am a Mom to little angel, homemaker all in one. My love for books drew me towards joining The Islamic kid's store. If the East needs help in purchasing Islamic products I am here to answer you from the Land of Kolkata. Ping or call me at +917844921410


Iqlaas ( Regional Head South )

I am  Settled in Bangalore. My association with the IslamicKidStore portrays my journey of self-discovery through the Islamic Way and my quest to learn and teach both my beautiful kids and kids everywhere the purity and beauty of Our Deen. Many people of this region are satisfied customers of The Islamickidstore. So what stops you. Ping or Whatsapp me at +91 98865 26627





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